June 10 (Sunday)

18:00 Registration and Reception at Collegium Maius, Café U Pęcherza

June 11 (Monday, Collegium Maius)

9:00-9:45 Welcome Addresses and Opening of the Workshop

Prof. Stanisław Kistryn – Vice-Rector for Research and Structural Funds
Prof. Ewa Gudowska-Nowak – Dean of Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science

9:15-9:45 Daniel I. Khomskii
Oxides vs Peroxides

9:45-9:50 Conference Photo

9:50-10:50 Spin-Orbit: Kitaev-Heisenberg Model
9:50-10:20 Karlo Penc
Topological Magnons in Kitaev Magnets at High Fields
10:20-10:35 Juraj Rusnacko
Hidden Symmetries in the Global Phase Diagram of the Extended Kitaev-Heisenberg Model
10:35-10:50 Dorota Gotfryd
Magnetic Ordered Moment Results for the Extended Kitaev-Heisenberg Model via CMFT

10:50-11:15 Coffee Break

11:15-13:00 Spin-Orbit: “Novel” Materials
11:15-11:45 George Jackeli
Spin-Orbital Interplay in j = 3/2 Mott Insulators
11:45-12:15 Andrew Smerald
Lattice Disorder in Spin-Orbital Materials
12:15-12:45 Jernej Mravlje
Spin-Orbit Coupling and Electronic Correlations in Sr2RuO4
12:45-13:00 Huimei Liu
Pseudospin Interactions in d7 Cobalt Compounds: Possible Realization of the Kitaev Model

13:00-14:45 Lunch Break

14:45-16:30 Spin-Orbit: Ca2RuO4
14:45-15:15 Giniyat Khaliullin
Spin-Orbit Mott Insulators: from Kitaev Model to Higgs Mode
15:15-15:45 Jiří Chaloupka
Highly Frustrated Spin-Orbit Mott Insulators: Kitaev-Like Singlet-Triplet Model
15:45-16:15 Filomena Forte
Spin-Orbital Excitations in Ca2RuO4 Revealed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
16:15-16:30 Adam Kłosiński
Propagation of a Single Hole in Ca2RuO4

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-18:45 From Magnetic to Topological States
17:00-17:30 Sumio Ishihara
Optical Manipulation of Magnetism in a Correlated Electron System
17:30-18:00 Wojciech Brzezicki
Exotic Topological States in Hybrid Transition Metal Oxides
18:00-18:30 Maciej M. Maśka
Topological States in a Nanowire: the Role of Correlation and Disorder
18:30-18:45 Andrzej Ptok
Formation of the Majorana Quasiparticles in the Quantum Dot–Nanoring Structure

June 12 (Tuesday, Collegium Novum, Aula)

9:00-10:30 On the Frontiers of Condensed Matter Theory
9:00-9:30 Tomasz Dietl
Topological Crystalline Insulators: Role of 1D Topological States
9:30-10:00 Mario Cuoco
Topological Phases Combining Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetism
10:00-10:30 Thomas P. Devereaux
Metallic Transport, CDWs, and Pairing Without Quasiparticles in the Single Band Hubbard Model

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 Novel Quantum Materials
11:00-11:30 George Sawatzky
The Electronic Structure and Properties of Negative Charge Transfer Gap and Mixed Valent Oxides
11:30-12:00 Wojciech Grochala
Magnetic Superexchange Interactions in Silver(II) Fluorides
12:00-12:30 José Lorenzana
Electronic Structure of the Silver Fluoride Analogue of Cuprates
12:30-13:00 Jeroen van den Brink
Spin Liquids in Honeycomb Iridates and RuCl3

13:00-16:30 Lunch Break and Free Time

16:30-17:30 Visit to the Jagiellonian University Museum

17:30-19:15 Aperitif and discussions in Restaurant Soprano

19:15- Conference Dinner in Restaurant Soprano

June 13 (Wednesday, Collegium Maius)

9:00-10:30 Frustrated Spin Models
9:00-9:30 Frédéric Mila
Exotic Criticality in Frustrated Spin-S Chains
9:30-10:00 Lucile Savary
Scaling and Methodology for Thermal Conductivity in Complex Magnets
10:00-10:30 Federico Becca
Dynamical Structure Factor of Frustrated Spin Models: a Variational Monte Carlo Approach

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 Interplay of Spin and Charge in Correlated Systems
11:00-11:15 Brian Moritz
Fluctuating Stripes in Hubbard Models of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors
11:15-11:30 Konrad J. Kapcia
Diversity of Charge-Ordered Patterns in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
11:30-12:00 Hiroyuki Yamase
Theoretical Study of Charge Excitations in High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors
12:00-12:30 Raymond Frésard
Charge Excitation Spectra of the Two-Dimensional Extended Hubbard Model: Collective Modes and Continuum
12:30-13:00 Peter Horsch
Fingerprints of Spin-Orbital Polarons and of their Disorder in the Photoemission Spectra of Doped Mott Insulators with Orbital Degeneracy

13:00-14:45 Lunch Break

14:45-16:30 How Correlations Emerge in Diverse Experimental Techniques
14:45-15:15 Adolfo Avella
Out-of-Equilibrium Studies of Unconventional Superconductors and Strongly Correlated Systems
15:15-15:30 Przemysław Piekarz
Influence of the Verwey Transition on Lattice Dynamics in Magnetite
15:30-15:45 Ekaterina M. Parschke
Cerium Volume Collapse Mystery: Kondo Mechanism Asserted by High Pressure Non-Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
15:45-16:15 Tomasz Sowiński
Several Attractively Interacting Fermions Confined in a One-Dimensional Trap
16:15-16:30 Jacek Dobrzyniecki
Effective Two-Mode Description of the Dynamics of Interacting Bosons Confined in a Double-Well Trap

16:30-17:30 Coffee, Strawberries, Whipped Cream, and Brain-Storming Discussion

17:30-18:45 Advanced Theoretical Methods
17:30-17:45 Olga Sikora
The Quantum Life of Worms: Quantum Spin Ice in a [100] Magnetic Field
17:45-18:00 Anna Francuz
Extracting Topological Order from Tensor Networks
18:00-18:15 Marek M. Rams
Precise Extrapolation of the Correlation Function Asymptotics in Uniform Tensor Network States
18:15-18:30 Piotr Czarnik
Application of Finite Correlation Length Scaling to Finite T Second Order Phase Transitions
18:30-18:45 Piotr Wrzosek
Is There a Spin Polaron in the 1D t-Jz Model?

18:45 Summary and Closing